Christmas Candle Holder


Unique stoneware clay candle holder containing five flickering led warm lights for the Christmas table.


This unique candle holder would made a wonderful centrepiece for your Christmas Table. Adorned in holly leaves and red berries, each cut and placed seperately. Fired at 1000c to create bisque.  Further more a Green Luster glaze for the leaves and a bright red for the berries finish the piece.A second firing to 1200c.  Five Flickering LED candles give a cosy festive light.

About the Author
I’ve pursued many creative routes over the years but it wasn’t until 2013 that my love of clay really took hold. My work is hand built using a variety of techniques from slab building to pinching and coil construction, with each piece taking on its own unique form. Having been a wild gardener for over 20 years I’m inspired by nature and the changing seasons and this really influences the body of my ceramics work. I also like to surprise and delight with more humorous pieces. I find the physicality of moulding clay and the unpredictability of firing and glazing so exciting. It is this excitement that entices me back in to my studio each day. For more information about me, or to request a commission please get in touch.

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