Christmas Tomte a Scandinavian gnome or sprite. Each and every one of my cute ceramic Tomte is unique. Heavily bearded and dressed in a red cap. Further more the larger ones have shinny black boots. As a contrast this one has three white hearts on his cap. Used as Christmas decorations around the home.  Pine cone not included.


My daughter lives in Sweden with her husband.  this is where I first came across these cute little chaps.  They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, place them around the house during the festive period.  Here is the story:-

A Tomte  an old man about the size of a young child. He sports a bright red cap on his head. Resides in the pantry or barn and watches over the household and farm. Above all he is responsible for the care of the farm animals, especially the horses. Furthermore  the tomte has an enormous capacity for work but will not tolerate anyone’s interference. A clean and orderly home or farm is an indication that this domestic sprite resides there.

Tomte require very little of the humans they work for. They demand the respect and trust of the farmer and a bowl of julegrøt (Christmas porridge) with butter on Christmas Eve. These spirits will not remain in a home where respect is lacking. Consequently the farm will not thrive and the farmer will be reduced to poverty